Weed Management in Grain Legumes: Peas, Beans and Lupins

Weed Management in Grain Legumes: Peas, Beans and Lupins Related

A Review of Non-Chemical Weed Management:: Organic farmers cite weed control as the most significant problem they encounter. This article discusses possible solutions in depth. [PDF]

Weed Management for Developing Countries:: Information from the FAO on improved weed management, problem weeds in crop and non-crop situations and management options and perspectives.

Principles of Sustainable Weed Management for Croplands:: Article discussing several alternatives to conventional tillage systems, including allelopathy, intercropping, crop rotations and a weed-free cropping design.

Stored Grain Pest Management:: Effective control of stored grain pests with minimal pesticide use requires an integrated approach combining sanitation, monitoring and other preventive practices. This article looks at non-toxic treatments and biological control using natural enemies.

Lupins.org:: Information resource portal for lupins designed to educate the agricultural and wider community about the uses and benefits of farming lupins.

Diseases of Legumes and Grasses:: Information on the bacterial, fungal, nematode and viral diseases of sorghum and several leguminous fodder crops, with photographs of infected plants.

CLIMA - Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture:: About legumes and research on legumes for sustainable agriculture in the Mediterranean climate of southern Australia.

Diseases of Chick Peas:: A guide to identifying botrytis blight and ascochyta blight, and possible management strategies.

Ascochyta Disease in Peas:: Information on this disease, its appearance, disease cycle and disease control from Discovery Seed Labs in Canada which offers a seed testing service.

Diseases of Field Peas:: An identification guide to the diseases that may infect this crop, with many photographs and brief descriptions.

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