Canola (Rapeseed)

Canola (Rapeseed) Related

Lygus Bugs in Canola:: Photographs of the insect, Lygus lineolaris, its description, host plants, life history, damage done and management strategies.

Crop Profile for Canola:: Product information for this crop in Minnesota and comprehensive information on cultural practices, pest and disease management and weed control. [PDF]

Canola Council of Canada:: Organization supporting the canola oil industry.

Diseases of Oilseed Crops: Canola:: An identification guide to the diseases that may infect this crop, with many photographs, brief descriptions of the symptoms and suggested management strategies.

Canola: An Emerging Oilseed Alternative:: An overview of this crop, growth and development of the plant, its place in the rotation, marketing and economics, and general cultivation instructions.

Canadian Canola Growers Association:: Works to influence national issues and policies and enhance markets for the benefit of Canadian canola growers.

Manitoba Canola Growers Association:: A member organization committed to maximizing net income from canola in the Canadian province.

Northern Canola Growers Association:: Works to promote the production, marketing, processing, research, and use of canola.

Ontario Canola Growers Association:: Provides research, alerts, and news regarding the canola industry within the Canadian province.

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