Insects that Attack Seeds and Seedlings of Field Crops Related

Insects Attacking Forage Crops:: Information on a number of insects that can be found on forage crops with a field key for identification.

Early Season Insects in your Corn Field:: Photographs of larvae and beetles and information to help distinguish between beneficial and harmful creatures.

Insects, Mites and Diseases Recorded on Crops in Ghana:: Checklists of insects, mites and diseases of more than 30 fruit, vegetable and cereal crops grown in Ghana.

Field Crops Team:: Michigan State University Extension Field Crops Team. Pay a touch at the web site to read the newest articles, find an expert from MSU Extension, Agriculture and Agribusiness information etc.

Alternative Field Crops Manual: Rye:: Features history, uses, growth habits, environment requirements, cultural practices, and varieties.

Alternative Field Crops Manual: Triticale:: Features history, uses, and cultural practices.

Alternative Field Crops Manual: Kenaf:: History of kenaf, its uses, growth habits, environmental requirements, cultural practices and the economics of the crop.

Other Controls: Insects, Enemies of Insects:: Article by Barnard D. Burks which investigates the insect world, describes how some insects parasatize others and how man can benefit from this.

Grizzly Attack - Timothy Treadwell:: Article by Lynn Rogers describing the life, times, and work of Tim Treadwell.

Before You Order Tree Seedlings:: University of Missouri Extension gives guidance on selecting species to suit the soil and climate.

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Insects, Mites and Diseases Recorded on Crops in Ghana