Aphid Monitoring

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Green Peach Aphid and Potato Aphid:: Provides a description of these insects and their life cycle, techniques for monitoring and control measures. [PDF]

Blue Alfalfa Aphid and Pea Aphid:: Both these aphids attack alfalfa and can cause damage. Description, photographs and information on management, monitoring, biological and chemical controls.

Spotted Alfalfa Aphid:: Photographs and information on the damage done by this insect, its description, life history and biological and chemical controls.

Farm Assist: Aphid Watch:: Constantly updated infestation maps track aphid activity on soybean crops across the US. Includes local and regional maps.

Sugar Beet Root Aphid:: Photographs and information on the life history of Pemphigus betae, the damage it causes and possible control measures.

Integrated Crop Management: Soybean Aphid:: Various articles on these pests with plenty of information on chemical and biological control.

Monitoring Solutions Inc.:: Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) and services including: CEMS, opacity, oxygen analyzers, data acquisition systems (DAS), and stack services from maintenance to audits and RATA's.

Oecos: Insect Monitoring:: Offers pheromone systems, traps and lures for insect monitoring and control, for agriculture and crops under glass.

Monitoring and Early Warning:: Maps providing monthly updated, near real time, distributed information on rainfall, actual evapotranspiration, radiation, drought and desertification indices, and crop yield forecasts for Africa and Europe. Includes methodology discussions and links to similar resources.

Towards European Biodiversity Monitoring:: Report on creating a platform for the coordination of biodiversity monitoring in Europe. [PDF]

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