European Corn Borer

European Corn Borer Related

Integrated Crop Management: European Corn Borer:: Plenty of information on this pest, when to look for damage and possible control measures.

Common Stalk Borer in Corn:: Information on the life history and appearance of this insect with photographs of the damage it does. Also possible cultural and chemical control measures.

European House Borer:: The Western Australian Department of Agriculture describes this insect pest and the damage it causes to treated pine structures. Includes maps of infested areas, details of control measures, news and FAQ.

Banana Weevil Borer:: Information on this pest and its life history, the damage it causes, husbandry methods, trapping and other means of control.

Illinois Emerald Ash Borer Wood Utilization Team:: Illinois state and federal government officials and industry leaders dedicated to encouraging the harvesting and use of wood from urban and community trees felled in Illinois.

Biological Control of Coffee Berry Borer in Organic Coffee:: Article discussing the main cultural and biological methods for controlling this pest. [PDF]

Corn Cutworms:: Information and photographs of these and other similar pests to help identify the cause of crop damage, and a guide to control. [PDF]

Colorado Corn:: Information regarding corn growers in Colorado. Areas include Best Management Practices, environment and education.

Illinois Corn:: Research information regarding growing corn in Illinois. Also has educational material for teachers and media.

Missouri Corn:: Provides information on growing corn in Missouri. Also provides information on ethanol production, scientific research and educational information.

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