International Potato Center (CIP)

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Effects of Intercropping Sweet Potato on the Population Density of Sweet Potato Weevil, Cylas Formicarius (F.) (Coleoptera; Curculionidae):: Full text of a 1992 Master's thesis by Alexander Yaku.

International Irrigation Center:: An irrigation support site with links to equipment information and news.

International Wolf Center:: Information about wolf biology, environmental issues, and human interaction.

International Conservation Center:: Provides an extension of the Pittsburgh Zoo's conservation, education, and breeding programs, focusing on the need to house breeding groups of threatened and endangered species, with an emphasis on African Elephants.

International Center for Poultry:: The International Center for Poultry is a Gospel-centered, non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our vision is to see to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ advanced around the world with individuals, people groups and nations; specifically to those who are interested in sustainable poultry for a source of food, preservation and sustainability. We are dedicated to promoting and protecting standard bred poultry! Our passion and commitment is to provide educ

International Fertilizer Development Center:: Production and agronomic effectiveness of fertilizers.

Global Warming International Center:: Disseminates information on global warming science and policy, serving governmental and non-governmental organizations, and industries in more than 120 countries.

International Center for Tropical Agriculture:: CIAT : Eco-Efficient Agriculture for the Poor. Mission : To reduce hunger and poverty, and improve human health in the tropics through research aimed at increasing the eco-efficiency of agriculture. Vision : CIAT will engage its key scientific competencies to achieve significant impact on the livelihoods of the poor in the tropics. Interdisciplinary and applied research will be conducted through partnerships with national programs, civil so

CIFOR - Center for International Forestry Research:: Concentrates on research and publications about tropical forestry and sociology in developing nations. Research abstracts, publications, job opportunities and software downloads.

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR):: The Center for International Forestry Research is a nonprofit, global facility dedicated to advancing human wellbeing, environmental conservation and equity. We conduct research that enables more informed and equitable decision making about the use and management of forests in less-developed countries. Our research and expert analysis help policy makers and practitioners shape effective policy, improve the management of tropical forests and addre

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