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HowToCompost.org:: Provides articles and information on composting and worms.

Bananas.org:: Homepage of the International Banana Society. Provides a wiki, gallery and extensive forums for members from around the world to discuss growing bananas, banana economics and banana cultivars.

Lupins.org:: Information resource portal for lupins designed to educate the agricultural and wider community about the uses and benefits of farming lupins.

Coffeeresearch.org:: Information on the plants and their botany, the range of the genus, climatic requirements, and cultivation.

HACCPTraining.org:: Offers training courses applying HACCP principles for the food service industry. Accredited by the International HACCP Alliance.

Llama.org:: Sharing information about llamas and alpacas with fellow owners and the general public. Listings of breeders and events as well as practical husbandry information provided.

Liquorice.org:: Provides licorice producers/processors a buy/sell area for their products and discussion forums.

ActiveSET.org:: Directory of stack monitoring firms in Canada and the USA.

Tuna-org:: Informal network of intergovernmental organizations that carry out data collection, scientific monitoring and management of tuna resources. Includes information on authorised and unauthorised vessels and a calendar of meetings.

Wildcattleconservation.org:: Aims to increase knowledge of wild cattle worldwide and aid in their conservation.

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