Flea Beetles on Sugar Beets

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Potato Flea Beetles:: Information on this insect from Maine Potato Integrated Pest Management.

Wireworms on Sugar Beets:: Several species of wireworm, Limonius spp., can feed on sugar beets and cause reduced plant growth or death of the plant. Information on the damage caused and possible control measures.

Crop Profile for Sugar Beets:: Botanical description of the beet plant, its production statistics in Montana, cultural practices and information on insect pests and diseases and their management. [PDF]

Management of Blister Beetles in Alfalfa:: These insects contain a blistering agent which is toxic to horses and cattle. This article provides information on their life cycle, the serious damage they can cause to livestock when ingested and preventative measures that may be taken.

Blister Beetles in Forage Crops:: Information on these toxic insects, their biology and habits, the risk to livestock of eating contaminated hay which is believed to be increased by hay conditioning, and control of the beetles.

Exotic Wood-boring Beetles in British Columbia: Interceptions and Establishments:: Research results covering the non-indigenous Wood-boring Beetles in Packing Materials and Dunnage arriving in Canada.

Sugar Association of London and Refined Sugar Association:: Establishes rules for the proper conduct of the sugar trade, provides arbitration, and arranges for training seminars.

Sugar Candy:: An old-fashioned Scottish sweet shop specialising in retro candies.

Sugar Magnolias:: Offering cookie bouquets for all occasions.

Domino Sugar:: Provides information from the provider of various sugar products. Includes recipes, party themes and newsletter.

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