Sugar Beet Root Aphid

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Sugar Beet Nematode:: Account of the damage caused by this pathogen, control measures, and photographs and drawings.

U.S. Beet Sugar Association:: What was to evolve into the United States Beet Sugar Association can be traced to an organization founded during an informal meeting of American beet sugar processors that took place in San Francisco in 1892. In 1911, industry leaders formally created an organization they called the United States Beet Sugar Industry, and a permanent presence was established with offices in Washington, DC. In 1914, the organization was incorporated as the United S

Sugar Beet Cyst Nematode:: Information on identifying this condition, caused by Heterodera schachtii, and possible management strategies.

Sugar Beet Research and Education Board of Minnesota and North Dakota:: Detailed information for growing sugar beet. Features a downloadable production guide and a searchable research archive with full text.

Green Peach Aphid and Potato Aphid:: Provides a description of these insects and their life cycle, techniques for monitoring and control measures. [PDF]

Blue Alfalfa Aphid and Pea Aphid:: Both these aphids attack alfalfa and can cause damage. Description, photographs and information on management, monitoring, biological and chemical controls.

Aphid Monitoring:: Aphids can transmit Potato Virus Y which is a serious threat to potato crops. The British Potato Council offers a service monitoring this pest to help in decision making on insecticide use.

Spotted Alfalfa Aphid:: Photographs and information on the damage done by this insect, its description, life history and biological and chemical controls.

Farm Assist: Aphid Watch:: Constantly updated infestation maps track aphid activity on soybean crops across the US. Includes local and regional maps.

Beet Production:: Factsheet on the cultivation of this crop with special reference to North Carolina.

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