Wireworms on Sugar Beets

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Flea Beetles on Sugar Beets:: Description and life history of flea beetles, Psylliodes punctulata melsheimer, on sugar beet plants, the damage caused and possible control measures.

Crop Profile for Sugar Beets:: Botanical description of the beet plant, its production statistics in Montana, cultural practices and information on insect pests and diseases and their management. [PDF]

Sugar Association of London and Refined Sugar Association:: Establishes rules for the proper conduct of the sugar trade, provides arbitration, and arranges for training seminars.

Sugar Candy:: An old-fashioned Scottish sweet shop specialising in retro candies.

Sugar Magnolias:: Offering cookie bouquets for all occasions.

Domino Sugar:: Provides information from the provider of various sugar products. Includes recipes, party themes and newsletter.

Sugar in the Raw:: Turbinado sugar is a raw sugar that is obtained or crystallized from the initial pressing of sugar cane.

The Sugar Association, Inc.:: Sugar, nutrition, health, food and industry information, recipes, and free publications.

British Sugar:: Information and details on the companies within the British Sugar Group and the products and services that they provide.

Bundaberg Sugar:: Forms part of the Tate and Lyle group which specialise in the production of sugars and starches worldwide. Supplies cane mills, cane preparation equipment, and process vessels,

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Sugar Beet Research and Education Board of Minnesota and North Dakota
Crop Profile for Sugar Beets
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