Crop Profiles - Sweetpotato Related

Crop Profiles for Apples in New England:: General production information on this crop, the cultural practices involved in growing apples and specific directions for controlling the insect pests, diseases, nematodes and weeds that affect them. [PDF]

Crop Profiles for Pears in New England:: General production information on this crop, the cultural practices involved, insect pests, diseases, nematodes and their control by biological, cultural and chemical means. [PDF]

Species Profiles:: As part of a larger project designed for the management of threatened, endangered, and sensitive species (TES) on Department of Defense (DoD) lands in the Southeastern United States, animal species profiles are being developed by the U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.

MTBE Treatment Profiles:: U.S. EPA compilation of studies and experiences with in situ and ex situ treatment of groundwater and drinking water contaminated with MTBE.

Sweetpotato Scurf:: Information on this disease caused by the fungus Monilochaetes infuscans, and how to manage it.

What is the Difference Between a Sweetpotato and a Yam?:: This site seeks to answer the question about "yams" and sweetpotatoes.

Sweetpotato Main Page:: The International Potato Center's (CIP) page on sweetpotatoes.

Streptomyces soil rot of sweetpotato:: Symptoms of this widespread and destructive disease, its cause and development, and its management.

Sweetpotato Weevil: Cylas formicarius:: Information, management and references for this serious worldwide pest.

Commercial Sweetpotato Production in Mississippi:: Mississippi extension publication, with information on cultivation techniques, management, and pests.

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Sweetpotato Main Page
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Commercial Sweetpotato Production in Mississippi
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