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The Institute of Animal Breeding in the Steppe Regions: Ascania-Nova, UAAS:: National scientific selection and genetic center for sheep breeding. Information about its structure, laboratories and departments and some of its achievements. In English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Sugarcane Diseases:: Information on the diseases that may affect sugarcane and their causal agents.

Better Sugarcane Initiative:: BSI is a collaboration of progressive sugarcane retailers, investors, traders, producers and NGOs who are committed to developing internationally-applicable baselines that define sustainable sugarcane production.

Sugarcane Handbook:: Information on the cultivation of sugarcane in Florida. A Florida Cooperative Extension publication.

USDA Sugarcane Field Station:: Includes research staff and personnel listing, pathology, sustainable agriculture information, and cultivars in production. Florida.

Organic Farming in the Tropics and Subtropics: Sugarcane:: Covers all aspects of plant cultivation, biological methods of plant protection, harvesting and processing. [PDF]

Beekeeping and Bee Breeding:: Detailed information on history, equipment, breeding, available products, and books from a hobbyist.

Breeding for Health and Welfare:: Advances in genetics and breeding have resulted in a rapid increase in milk yield for dairy cows but also caused problems in fertility and longevity. This article discusses research being undertaken at the Scottish Agricultural College.

Breeding Soundness Examination:: A ram not only represents a sizeable investment but he also influence the economic return from the flock for years to come. Through a breeding soundness examination prior to the breeding season, rams of questionable or unsatisfactory breeding potential can be identified.

Breeding Soundness in Rams:: Provides a guide on how to conduct a breeding soundness examination and how to interpret the results.

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USDA Sugarcane Field Station
Organic Farming in the Tropics and Subtropics: Sugarcane