Growing Tobacco at Home Related

Growing Apples in the Home Orchard:: Article outlining what cultivars to choose, the size of trees, choosing a site, planting, pruning, fertilization and pest control.

The Tobacco Reference Guide: Tobacco Farmers:: Factsheets on tobacco farming, economics and statistics, and breakdowns by state.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco:: Manufacturer of the Winston, Camel, Salem, and Doral cigarette brands.

Freedom Tobacco:: Marketer of the Legal brand of Colombian cigarettes.

Organic Tobacco Production:: This publication discusses the basic cultural requirements of the crop, weed management, insect pest management, diseases, curing and marketing. [PDF]

Tobacco Journal International:: Information for and about the tobacco industry.

Workman Tobacco Seed, Inc.:: Suppliers of Burley, Dark Fired and Dark Air Cured tobacco seed products.

Tobacco Disease Information Notes:: Provides information on the symptoms, factors affecting development, and control recommendations for a number of diseases that affect this crop.

International Tobacco Growers' Association:: Trade organization open to all national growers' associations. Includes membership list, news, and papers on issues.

Tobacco World Markets and Trade:: USDA circular, May 1998.

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The Tobacco Reference Guide: Tobacco Farmers
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Organic Tobacco Production