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Just Smoked Salmon:: Authentic Pacific Northwest Alder smoked salmon. Packaged fresh for catering, and hospitality professionals. Collection of recipes.

Dundonnell Smoked Salmon:: A wide variety of smoked Scottish salmon, also available in gift boxes.

Kinvara Smoked Salmon:: Smoked salmon from Ireland

Pacific Smoked Salmon Ltd.:: Smokin Joe's brand wild sockeye, available in pouches, or cedar gift boxes.

Scottish Smoked Salmon Company:: Selling smoked salmon and trout from the Isle of Mull.

Mainely Smoked Salmon Company:: Hot or cold smoked fillets and portions, from farm raised Atlantic salmon. Ships in continental USA.

Taku Wild Smoked Salmon:: Sustainably caught and organically flavored with maple or pepper, produced by the Taku River Tlingit in northern British Columbia.

Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon:: Smoked sockeye, chinook, coho, halibut, king crab, shrimp and Alaskan gift baskets - smoked salmon is certified Kosher, all natural, no refrigeration required.

PCBs: Farmed Salmon vs. Wild Salmon - Is Farmed Salmon safe to eat?:: Discusses various reports on safety and guidelines by various health agencies.

Firewood Delivered Kent:: The best wood you can buy for an open fire or a woodburner. A sustainable product from sustainably managed forests. Logs that are going to burn steadily every time and keep burning with a good steady flame. Logs that will give you twice the heat output of a “seasoned” log but not at twice the cost.A reliable service – If we give you a delivery time we will be there. A personalised service – If you want your logs stacked in your cellar or

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