West Galloway Fisheries Trust

West Galloway Fisheries Trust Related

World Fisheries Trust:: Works with professionals and communities to achieve sustainable management of economically important fish stocks.

Harvesting the West: Agriculture, Mariculture, and the Fur Trade in the West:: Texts, critical essays, links, and images.

Galloway World:: Lists galloway cattle associations and societies worldwide.

Australian Galloway Association::

Canadian Galloway Association:: National governing body responsible for breed improvement, breed advancement, and breed promotion.

Swiss Galloway Society:: Founded in 1996 with the emphasis on quality and healthy meat production.

U.S. Belted Galloway Society:: Promotes the Belted Galloway breed of cattle, preserve the purity of the breed by maintaining pedigree records and data, and to disseminate information relative to said breed.

Australian Galloway Association Inc:: An association dedicated to the Galloways breed of cattle, which originated from the South West of Scotland.

Galloway Cattle in Germany:: Galloway cattle in Germany. Provides breeder details and information on Galloway cattle.

Australian Belted Galloway Association:: A versatile and highly adaptable cattle breed ideal for smaller rural holdings.

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