Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

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IOTC - Indian Ocean Tuna Commission:: Manages tuna and related species. Committee reports, statistics, organisational details.

Northwest Fisheries Science Center:: A research facility of the Northwest Region of the National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, and is responsible for providing scientific and technical support for the management, conservation, and development of the Pacific Northwest region's anadromous and marine fishery resources. (USA).

Northwest Fisheries Association (NWFA):: Our goal is twofold: to provide NWFA members an environment in which to network business opportunities, and to supply them with current information on state and federal policy, fish standards and quality control, transportation, and tax and environmental issues. The NWFA currently represents approximately 180 member companies, including primary and secondary seafood processors, seafood brokers and distributors, and direct-support industry members

Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO):: NAFO is an intergovernmental fisheries science and management body. NAFO was founded in 1979 as a successor to ICNAF (International Commission of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries) (1949-1978). NAFO's overall objective is to contribute through consultation and cooperation to the optimum utilization, rational management and conservation of the fishery resources of the Convention Area. The NAFO Convention on Future Multilateral Cooperation in the No

The European Commission - Fisheries Directorate-General:: Concerned with establishing and enforcing a Common Fisheries Policy for the EU. Information on fisheries management concerns, policies, and research.

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission:: Represents the states of CA, OR, WA, ID, AK. Goal is to promote and support policies and actions directed at the conservation, development and management of fishery resources of mutual concern to member states.

Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission:: International organization that aims to conserve and manage fish stocks in the Pacific Ocean.

North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC):: The North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission is made up of delegations from Contracting Parties who have agreed to abide by the rules of the Convention on Future Multilateral Cooperation in North East Atlantic Fisheries, which entered into force in its current form in November 1982. The NEAFC Convention Area covers the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans east of a line south of Cape Farewell - the southern tip of Greenland (42° W), north of a line to the

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Indian Blend:: General grocery store for a wide range of foods.

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