Sturgeon Conservation

Sturgeon Conservation Related

4th International Symposium on Sturgeon:: July 8-13, 2001 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Provides a forum for exchange of information and knowledge on the biology, culture, and management of Acipenseriformes.

Sturgeon/Otter River Watershed Council:: Addressing existing sources of nonpoint source pollution, prevent potential sources of pollution, and restore streams.

Wildlife Conservation Network: Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program:: Presents the program with the latest news and photographs. Includes information about Claudio Sillero-Zubiri's work with conservationists and the local Ethiopian communities.

Conservation Beef:: Beef cuts without hormones from free-range cattle. Sold by ranchers who work with the Nature Conservancy.

Conservation Through Birding:: The American Bird Conservancy provides information on bird conservation and how birders can get involved.

Spider Conservation:: Information about the threats to US spiders and their conservation.

Bat Conservation:: Bat education, research and conservation by Organization for Bat Conservation.

Primate Conservation Inc:: Learn more about how to protect endangered monkeys, apes, lemurs and lorises from extinction.

Sustainable Conservation:: Engages businesses and private landowners in advancing the stewardship of our land and water in partnership with the environmental community.

Biodiversity Conservation:: A discussion by Clive Hambler and Martin R. Speight about the current role of science in conservation.

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