Tree Ordinance Guidelines

Tree Ordinance Guidelines Related

WSU Tree Fruit & Grape Guidelines:: Washington State University; guidelines for crop protection for fruit, including recommendations.

Guidelines for Soil Sampling:: Provides information on taking representative samples, sampling equipment, timing and handling samples.

WHO: Air Quality Guidelines:: Global update 2005, with summary of risk assessment for particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Links to multi-lingual versions in PDF.

Nutrition Guidelines for Ostriches and Emus:: Information on feeding programs which have been developed by using basic physiological and historical information available about ostriches and emus, combined with knowledge about the nutrient requirements of other poultry species. [PDF]

Taro Production Guidelines for Kauai:: Contains introduction to taro, varieties, propagation, harvest and post harvest practices, pests and diseases, and the value of taro.

Guidelines for Using Donkeys as Guard Animals with Sheep:: This paper summarizes some of the management guidelines and other factors which may improve the likelihood of a donkey becoming a successful livestock guard animal.

Greenhouse Tomatoes: Guidelines for Biological Controls:: This article outlines the biological agents available for controlling whitefly, fungus gnats, nematodes, mites, thrips and aphids, all best used as a part of an integrated pest management plan. [PDF]

University of California Pest Management Guidelines: Turfgrass:: Articles and photos of weeds, diseases, insects, mites, and nematodes. Statewide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Project.

Department of Transportation- Invasive Species Policy Guidelines:: The Federal Highway Administrations directives on implementing the executive order on invasive species.

North Carolina Christmas Tree Association Carolina Christmas Tree:: North Carolina Real Christmas Tree Farms

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