World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding

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World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Agriculture:: Extensive collection of resources and links.

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sustainable Development:: Includes links to resources, organizations, events, projects, discussion groups, libraries, journals, databases, and documents.

WWW Library: Breeding of Animals and Crop Plants:: Directory of Internet links.

World Wide Help:: Group blog using the web to point help in the direction where it's most needed. Started by the founders of the SEA EAT (South East Asian Earthquake And Tsunami) blog, wiki, and database to aid in other relief efforts.

Animal Breeding and Genetics:: Animal Breeding and Genetics Group is working on applied and basic research in collaboration with USDA, breed associations, private companies, and other universities all over the world. We are providing computational programs to assist the animal industry in the genetic evaluation and selection of livestock. Research is also occurring in the area of bioinformatics to meet both animal industry and human health needs. Graduate support is available

World Wide Sires, Ltd.:: International company offering dairy and beef semen and embryos.

World Wide Foods Inc.:: Sells potatoes that have been baked and then individually quick frozen, that can be quickly reheated in a microwave.

World-Wide Sires, Inc.:: Markets cattle embryos and semen. Focus is on dairy cattle. Includes breed directories, suppliers, services, and distributors.

World Wide Ag Network:: Free commodity futures and options quotes, cash grain and livestock markets, charts, LDP tables, weather, farm news, and comments.

World Wide Food Products, Ltd.:: Salad dresssing and spaghetti meat sauce from Fanny's of Evanston. Winners of the International Epicurean Award of France.

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