Mushroom Cultivation and Marketing

Mushroom Cultivation and Marketing Related

Mushroom Cultivating and Marketing:: This publication discusses how mushroom cultivation offers benefits to market gardens when it is integrated into the existing production system. [PDF]

Marketing: The Key to a Successful Shiitake Mushroom Business:: Discussion of this most important part of mushroom production, including distribution, packaging, pricing and promotion, all of which are crucial to a successful outcome. [PDF]

Mango Cultivation:: A draft work on mango fruit tree management and cultivation.

Cultivation and Harvesting of Coffee:: Brief article on how coffee is grown.

History of Tea Cultivation:: Article describing the origin of tea in China and its spread to other parts of the world.

Date Palm Cultivation:: Information from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on all aspects of date production.

Food-Info: Tea Cultivation:: Photographs and article describing how tea is grown.

Victorian Pear Tree Cultivation:: Excerpt from the 'Dictionary of Daily Wants' (1858) on the culture of pears, including instructions on grafting, budding, cultivation and storage.

Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms on Cotton Waste:: Provides information on growing the edible mushrooms, Volvariella volvacea and Pleurotus species, on cotton waste.

Protected Cultivation: An Approach to Sustainable Vegetable Production in the Humid Tropics:: Describes a number of projects for improving protected cultivation methods in the tropics.

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