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The Australian Mushroom Growers Association [AMGA]:: The AMGA was established in March 1961 with 18 growers attending the first meeting held at Parramatta. The meeting decided that a "body be formed along the lines of the overseas MGA's for the general food of the industry and that it be called the Australian Mushroom Growers' Association". Today, the AMGA remains committed to growers and the mushroom industry; its mission statement is: "Australian mushroom growers are responsible primary producers

APIS Newsletter:: Links to Apis newsletter (Yahoo Groups) on beekeeping management issues at the University of Florida by Dr. Malcolm T. Sanford. Archives of newsletter for sale.

Barley Newsletter:: A paper and online newsletter for informal communication between researchers on barley.

Oat Newsletter:: Sponsored by the American Oat Workers Conference, contains articles on cultivation and links to relevant sites.

Lotus Newsletter:: Provides online scientific papers, summaries and news covering all aspects of research and development involving species of Lotus. Includes researchers, literature databases and links.

Black Sheep Newsletter:: A quarterly publication for the sheep raiser and fiber enthusiast.

Barley Genetics Newsletter:: Informal reports to further the exchange of ideas and information between research workers.

Miniature Hereford Newsletter:: American Miniature Hereford Association newsletter.

Biological Conservation Newsletter:: A monthly publication of the Department of Systematic Biology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.

Arid Lands Newsletter:: Exploring topics pertinent to drylands researchers, resource managers, policy makers, and inhabitants worldwide.

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