Growing Apples

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Growing Apples in the Home Orchard:: Article outlining what cultivars to choose, the size of trees, choosing a site, planting, pruning, fertilization and pest control.

All about Apples:: About the science, production, and health benefits of apples.

Devon Apples:: An academic resource about apples and growing them in Devon, recording the many apple varieties of the region, a part of Devon's heritage.

Apples of Eden:: Caramel apples with a variety of candy or nut toppings, candies and gift packs.

Zinc Deficiency in Apples:: Information on the causes of this condition, the symptoms, prevention and treatment. [PDF]

Monster Candy Apples:: Granny Smith apples available in many combinations dipped in caramel, candy, nuts, and chocolate. Also available in gift baskets.

Richland Gourmet Apples:: Granny Smith apples covered with chocolate, caramel, and nuts and other toppings, including seasonally decorated choices. Ships in contiguous USA.

Raimondi Caramel Apples:: Tennessee-based manufacturer. Includes company history and product list with photos.

Apples, Pears and Other Pome Fruit:: Information on these fruit including fertilizers, rootstocks, varieties, crab apples as pollinators, cider apples, and the pests, diseases and other disorders that affect them.

Crop Profiles for Apples in New England:: General production information on this crop, the cultural practices involved in growing apples and specific directions for controlling the insect pests, diseases, nematodes and weeds that affect them. [PDF]

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