Types of Citrus Fruit

Types of Citrus Fruit Related

USDA’s Proposed Regulations for the Movement of Citrus Fruit from Quarantined Areas:: Information in a question and answer format on proposals for controlling citrus canker in the U.S. [PDF]

Ryegrass Types for Pasture and Hay:: Notes on the different varieties, including hybrids, and their use in the USA.

Russia: Soil Map of Russia/FAO soil types:: Table correlating the Soil Map of Russia's soil type with FAO World Reference Base (Land Ressources of Russia)

Citrus Canker:: Notes on the symptoms of this bacterial disease, the conditions that favor its development and preventative control measures.

Citrus Pages:: Description of over 330 types of citrus. Includes all commonly known citrus varieties as well as kumquats, native Australian citrus, trifoliate oranges and distant citrus relatives. Comprehensively illustrated.

Texas Citrus:: Information and resources for citrus growers.

Jennings Citrus:: Offers Florida oranges, grapefruit, tangelos and temples, plus gift baskets.

Joshua Citrus, Inc.:: Grower, packer, and shipper of oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, and holiday gift baskets. Includes a catalog and recipes, ships internationally.

SunHarvest Citrus:: Fresh citrus from Florida shipped directly to your home.

Dun-D Citrus:: Growers and distributors of fresh Florida citrus.

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