USDA’s Proposed Regulations for the Movement of Citrus Fruit from Quarantined Areas

USDA’s Proposed Regulations for the Movement of Citrus Fruit from Quarantined Areas Related

Types of Citrus Fruit:: Information on about a dozen sorts of citrus fruits. Provides nutritional values, use, storage, history, and particular characteristics.

Fruit of Arid and Semi-Arid Areas:: Information from India on the cultural requirements, varieties, management, pest control and harvesting of fruit from the date palm, phalsa, custard-apple, bullock’s-heart, aonia, fig and jamun.

Reviewing Scientists Say Proposed Conservation Measures Unlikely To Help Whales:: Science Daily article discusses doubts raised by scientists charged by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to review the effectiveness of sanctuaries for conservation.

Proposed Set of Climate Change State and Impact Indicators in Europe:: The November 2002 technical report to the European Environmental Agency, by the European Topic Center for Air and Climate Change. Describes the main trends and their effects on ecosystems, human health, and socio-economic sectors. Includes background information and sources of data. [PDF]

Bamboo: An Alternative Movement:: Sara Nakasone describes how bamboo is being used as an alternative resource to other types of wood. Find a discussion about the structural engineering issues involved in building larger bamboo structures. (April 07, 2003)

African Killer Bee Movement:: Provides a map and information on the spread of these bees into the U.S.

Green Consciousness Movement (GRECOM):: Seeking to curb environmental degradation in Ghana through campaigns for sustainable development.

The Equine Natural Movement School:: Learn to help horses live up to their full potential. Become the heart-centered equine bodywork expert who trainers and owners rely on — and who horses love working with.

Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920:: From the American Memory collection at the Library of Congress.

American Environmental Movement: Surviving Through Diversity:: Examines the transformation of the American environmental movement into a social movement.

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