Mango Production and Trade

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Coconut Production and Trade:: Information on the coconut, its cultivation, harvesting and processing, and the uses made of other parts of the plant.

Tamarind: Production and Trade:: India is the only commercial grower of tamarind and exports all over the world. Information on the cultivation, harvesting and processing of this spice.

Black Pepper: Production and Trade:: Information on the international trade in pepper, its cultivation and harvest, and the processing required to produce black, white and green pepper.

Chilli Peppers: Production and Trade:: Information on the cultivation, marketing and processing of chilli pepper in South Asia, mainly in India.

PLANT CULTURES : Turmeric production and trade:: India is the biggest producer of turmeric, supplying 94% of the world's demand. It is cultivated on a commercial scale and enters the market usually in the form of dried rhizomes which are then prepared according to their end use. It is widely used in South Asia as a spice.

Mango Cultivation:: A draft work on mango fruit tree management and cultivation.

Mango Resources:: Online information about botany, cultivars, and the cultivation and economy of mangoes, particularly in India.

African Mango Guide:: The definitive guid to the bush mango. Your definitive guide to the African Mango. At "African Mango Guide" you will find out what is so special about the bush mango, and what it can do for you. African Mango Extract has hit the headlines recently due to the breakthrough results researchers have released in recent clinical studies. We feature the most up to date research and information on the benefits of African Mango so you too can take advanta

Organic Farming in the Tropics and Subtropics: Mango:: Covers all aspects of plant cultivation, harvesting, processing, handling, packing and storage. [PDF]

Julia F. Morton's "Fruits of Warm Climates": Mango:: A chapter covering history of cultivation, botanical description, comparison of varieties, and nutrient content of fruit.

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Organic Farming in the Tropics and Subtropics: Mango
Mango Resources
Mango Cultivation
Julia F. Morton's "Fruits of Warm Climates": Mango