The Australian Cashew Industry

The Australian Cashew Industry Related

Australian Lavender Industry:: Contact information for the professional association, annual conference details, and sample pages from its newsletter. Overview of the uses of lavender, cultivation requirements, and extraction of essential oils.

Australian Meat Industry Council:: Representing retailers, processors, exporters and smallgoods manufacturers in the post-farm-gate meat industry.

R&D Plan for the Australian Coffee Industry:: Provides information on marketing issues, soil and climate, agronomy, varieties, cultivation methods and an assessment of the economics of production. [PDF]

Australian Plantation Products and Paper Industry Council:: An incorporated non-profit organisation established for the purpose of fostering and promoting the development of the plantation timber growing and processing industry in Australia.

About Cashew:: Information on growing this tropical tree, the pests that attack it, harvesting and marketing the nuts.

Cashew - Anacardium occidentale:: Provides extensive resources and web links for the cashew crop, cashew fruit, nuts and related areas.

National Research Centre for Cashew:: The aims of this Indian organisation include improving productivity and quality of cashew crops, serving as a national repository for cashew germplasm and a clearing house for research information.

Softwood Grafting Technique in Cashew:: Information on the propagation of cashew using native varieties as rootstocks with high-yielding varieties as scions, the grafting procedure and care of the grafts.

Integrated Production Practices of Cashew in China:: An account by the FAO of the status of this crop in China and the production methods used there.

Western India Cashew Company Pvt. Ltd.:: Exporter to international snack-food companies. Includes product specifications, nutritional information and uses. Located in Kerala, India.

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