Fabraea Leaf Spot of Pear

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Pear Midge and Leaf Blister Mite:: Information on Contarinia pyrivora and Eriophyes pyri which are two very common pests of pear trees, including typical symptoms, the life cycle of the pest and prevention and control measures.

Strawberry Leaf Spot:: Photograph of a leaf affected by Mycosphaerella fragariae.

Light Leaf Spot:: Photograph and symptoms of this foliar disease of oilseed rape, its biology and advice on control measures.

Gray Leaf Spot of Corn:: Photographs of lesions, and information on this disease caused by the fungus Cercospora zeae-maydis, its symptoms, spread and management. [PDF]

Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomatoes:: Photographs of this disease, the symptoms, causal organism and control methods.

Alfalfa Leaf Spot, Pseudopeziza medicaginis:: Photograph of an affected leaf.

Resistance breeding against the Barley Leaf Spot Complex:: Basic information about the fungus Ramularia collo-cygni, a disease of the leaf now found in Europe. Barley disease images are included.

Pear's Gourmet:: Offers a selection of nuts, candy, fruit, specialty coffee and gift tins. Ships within the United States only.

European Pear:: Article from Wikipedia on this fruit with information on its origins, cultivation and the main cultivars. The European Pear Pyrus communis is a species of pear native to central and eastern Europe and southwest Asia. The European Pear is one of the most important fruits of temperate regions, being the species from which most orchard pear cultivars grown in Europe, North America and Australia are developed.

Growing Pear Trees:: Instructions on choosing and growing these fruit trees in the garden, with information on rootstocks, varieties, pollination, pruning and care.

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