Pear Midge and Leaf Blister Mite Related

Fabraea Leaf Spot of Pear:: I. Introduction: Susceptible pear cultivars affected by Fabraea leaf spot often are defoliated by midsummer, resulting in dwarfing of fruit and reduction of fruit buds. Infected fruit is worthless since it is usually cracked, disfigured, or misshapen. In the nursery, early defoliation and twig infection result in stunted growth of trees. II. Symptoms: Leaf spot can be found on petioles, leaves, shoots and fruits. Initial lesions on leaves are

Management of Blister Beetles in Alfalfa:: These insects contain a blistering agent which is toxic to horses and cattle. This article provides information on their life cycle, the serious damage they can cause to livestock when ingested and preventative measures that may be taken.

Blister Beetles in Forage Crops:: Information on these toxic insects, their biology and habits, the risk to livestock of eating contaminated hay which is believed to be increased by hay conditioning, and control of the beetles.

Wheat Midge:: Photographs of Sitodiplosis mosellana and information on the damage it does, its life cycle and identification, monitoring it, pest management and cultural controls.

Orange Blossom Midge:: Information on this insect which attacks wheat, its biology and advice on control measures.

Wheat Midge Frequently Asked Questions:: Provides answers to some of the questions often asked about this pest.

Mighty Mite Industries, Inc.:: Manufactures portable band and circular sawmills.

Insect and Mite Pests of Strawberries:: Information on aphids, clipper weevils, leaf rollers, mites, slugs, spittle bugs, root weevils, tarnished plant bugs and wasps, including their identifying features, life cycle, damage caused, monitoring and control.

Insect and Mite Photo Galleries:: Cesar Consultants offer photographs and information on pests and beneficial insects of importance in Australian agricultural crops.

Red Palm Mite: Raoiella indica:: Information from USDA on this invasive pest of coconut palms and banana plants. [PDF]

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