Strawberry Root Weevil

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Red Stele Root Rot of Strawberry:: Photograph of plants affected by Phytophthora fragariae fragariae.

Alfalfa Weevil:: Information on this important insect pest, Hypera postica, its life history, crop management practices, biological and chemical control, not forgetting the protection of pollinating insects.

Managing the Alfalfa Weevil:: The identification and life cycle of the alfalfa weevil are discussed along with economic thresholds and management using cultural, biological and chemical methods.

Cabbage Seed Weevil:: Photograph and information on these insects, the larvae of which attack oilseed rape, their biology and advice on control measures.

Banana Weevil Borer:: Information on this pest and its life history, the damage it causes, husbandry methods, trapping and other means of control.

APHIS: Boll Weevil Eradication:: Provides information about U.S. boll weevil eradication programs in question and answer format. [PDF]

Sweetpotato Weevil: Cylas formicarius:: Information, management and references for this serious worldwide pest.

Red Palm Weevil management in Coconut:: The coconut palm, rightly known as kalpavriksha or the "tree of heaven" 'provides many necessities of life including food and shelter. Goa is one of the important coconut growing state in India. The total area under coconut in Goa is 24,000 ha. The average production of nuts is far less as compared to the other coconut growing states of India. One of the reasons for low yield of coconut is the incidence of the pests and disease. Out of the severa

Oklahoma Boll Weevil Eradication Organization (OBWEO):: Working to totally eradicate the boll weevil from the state of Oklahoma in a producer-friendly manner.

Rural Root:: Offers an assortment of foods ranging from sweets to meats.

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