Hemptech: The Industrial Hemp Information Network

Hemptech: The Industrial Hemp Information Network Related

Growing Industrial Hemp in Ontario:: Explains the history, purposes and methods of growing this grain product.

Industrial Hemp Production in Manitoba:: Covers, background, licensing, production, market potential cost of production and other links.

OMAFRA Crops - Industrial Hemp:: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. OMAFRA Hemp Series: Contents include; infosheets, resources and services, crops updates, and related topics. A valuable resource.

Hawaiian Industrial Hemp Report:: Economic Viability and Political Concerns report. Prepared for the Hawaii legislature.

European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA):: With seven members from the EU countries, the European Industrial Hemp Association, EIHA officially founded on 23 November 2005. The "European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)" has formed itself as an association of Hemp primary processing companies within the EU (regular members). Associate members are associations, national organisations, companies and individuals working in the field of Hemp or other natural fibres. Aims of the EIHA are :

A Maritime Industrial Hemp Product Marketing Study:: Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Fisheries: Marketing Services. September, 1998.

North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC):: We are a 501(c)(3) nonstock nonprofit organization and appreciate any and all donations/contributions. We are growing, processing and supplying hemp fiber on an increasing basis to replace glass fiber for composites in the automotive sector. Our vision is to reestablish and expand the use of industrial hemp. Our Mission : • Form and establish relationships between 
academia, farmers, agribusiness, manufactures, government, public interest

Canada Office of Controlled Substances - Industrial Hemp Producers:: Includes the laws and regulations pertaining to industrial hemp, to application forms for permits and licenses, and industry information. There is also a FAQ to help understand the parameters in which industrial hemp can be produced, processed and distributed in Canada.

Industrial Hemp in the United States: Status and Market Potential:: A January, 2000 report by the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service. This report is being published only on the internet.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Industrial Hemp fact sheet:: Plant Health and Production Division, Plant Products Directorate. Includes FAQ.

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