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Greenhouse Vegetable Production and Marketing:: Overview of the management issues of vegetable production under glass, its regulation and the marketing, production and economic basics. From Alberta, Agriculture and Food.

Greenhouse Vegetable Information:: Articles and forums on crop management, disease control, nutrient film technique, and media systems like soilless culture.

Greenhouse Management & Production:: Online magazine for growers with news, industry information, multimedia, community and resources.

UT Vegetable Production Program:: Keep the Vegetable Production Program Growing in Tennessee. The Vegetable Extension program focuses on providing innovations in production practices, aiding in cultivar selection, developing alternative crops, maximizing crop nutrition and flavor, and reducing the use of off-farm inputs, such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, for Tennessee growers through research and education throughout the state.

Commercial Vegetable Production: Tomatoes:: Information on cultivating this crop, including varieties, training, pests and diseases, harvesting, handling, marketing, yields and returns. [PDF]

Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations:: Includes information on vegetable and fruit production written for growers in Virginia and provided by Virginia State University Extension. [PDF]

Greenhouse Food Production - North Carolina State University:: Details on tomato production, managing the environment, ethylene, biological control, fertilization and physiological disorders.

Commercial Vegetable Production - Oregon State University:: Contains information on producing vegetables crops in the Pacific Northwest. Research reports also available.

Protected Cultivation: An Approach to Sustainable Vegetable Production in the Humid Tropics:: Describes a number of projects for improving protected cultivation methods in the tropics.

GreenHouse Butterflies:: Specializing in plants for the interior. Shown are plants, FAQ, ordering instructions and contacts. Savannah, Georgia.

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