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Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes:: Interactive web site from the University of Arizona provides practical, accurate information on growing hydroponic tomatoes for students, hobbyists, and beginning growers.

Hydroponic Growing Systems:: Growing potatoes hydroponically is easier than you might think, and a lot cleaner than growing them in soil! I used a large Smart Pot filled withGrodan Absorbent Granulate. I soaked the Grodan in pH 5.5 water and let it drain. Then soaked it once more in pH 5.5 water with someveg nutrient. I filled the Smart Pot about ¾ of the way full. Then I placed the germinating potato pieces on the granulate.

Hydroponic Economics:: A blog focused on hydroponics and building efficient home hydroponic systems.

Hydroponic-Gardens:: Provides information and instructions on building and using a hydroponic system. Monthly newsletter avalable.

Hydroponic Lettuce Production:: Details of setting up and running a lettuce production facility using Controlled Environment Agriculture techniques. Illustrated with descriptive photos. Cornell University.

Role of Perlite in Hydroponic Culture:: A research report issued by the Perlite Institute, Inc. by Dr. David A. Hall, Principal of the Pershore College of Horiculture in the United Kingdom

Production of CEA-grown Hydroponic Spinach:: Publication by the Controlled Environment Agricultural (CEA) Program of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. An electronic handbook for the production of CEA hydroponic spinach.

Grow Ace: Hydroponic LED Grow Light:: GrowAce.com offers the best selection of indoor horticulture equiptment anywhere, at the lowest prices guaranteed! We are able to offer the best possible price because we are a factory direct importer. We import in large quantities and pass the savings onto you! Don't be fooled by other companies that offer low quality products and reduced rates, we screen all of our factory partners to ensure that our customers receive only the highest grade, te

Growing the Hallucinogens:: Manual for the legal cultivation of a number of plants with hallucinogenetic properties.

Growing Apples:: Various information on this fruit crop including pruning, fireblight, controlling maggots, non-bearing trees, animal damage and storage.

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