Weed Control in Nursery Crops

Weed Control in Nursery Crops Related

Integrated Weed Control:: Biological products and consulting services for weed management. Montana.

Weed Control in Strawberries and Raspberries:: Information on the timing of herbicide applications and the products that are suitable for these crops.

Weed Control in Organic Wheat:: Provides guidance on the place of wheat in the rotation and cultivation techniques to control weed growth. [PDF]

California Noxious Weed Control Projects Inventory:: A combined government/private/non-profit endeavour to establish a database, accessible through the Internet, containing information on noxious weed control in California.

Biological Weed Control in Alberta Using Triploid Grass Carp:: Describes the use of the herbivorous grass carp to control dense stands of submerged aquatic vegetation.

Texas A&M: Nursery/Floral Crops:: Provides information on topics such as different types of structures, heating requirements, irrigation and fertilisation requirements for plants growing in greenhouses.

Weed Science:: University of Georgia. Photo gallery and identification information on turfgrass weeds of golf courses, lawns, athletic fields, and other turf areas. Links to herbicide labels and MSDS sheets.

Weed Definitions and FAQs:: Information from the NSW Department of Primary Industries in Australia on weeds classed as noxious that need to be eliminated, those that threaten the environment and agricultural weeds.

C Weed Aquaculture Consulting:: Marine aquaculture consultants specializing in the cultivation of seaweed. Based in Saint Malo, France.

A Review of Non-Chemical Weed Management:: Organic farmers cite weed control as the most significant problem they encounter. This article discusses possible solutions in depth. [PDF]

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