Journal of Applied Horticulture (JAH)

Journal of Applied Horticulture (JAH) Related

Applied Environmental, Inc.:: Environmental testing and consulting firm providing industrial hygiene, hazardous materials surveys, safety, and environmental engineering consulting to government and private clients.

Applied Soil Ecology:: Addresses the role of soil organisms and their interactions in relation to: agricultural productivity, nutrient cycling and other soil processes, the maintenance of soil structure and fertility, the impact of human activities and xenobiotics on soil ecosystems and bio(techno)logical control of soil-inhabiting pests, diseases and weeds. A Elsevier Science Journal. Searchable contents, free abstracts, full text for subscribers and information to au

Applied Process Engineering:: Suppliers of machines to automatically de-stone avocados. For use in automatic avocado production lines. Includes a case study and inquiry information. Located in Derby, UK.

Applied Environmental Consultants, Inc.:: Consultants located in Tempe, Arizona, USA who provide air dispersion modeling in support of air quality permitting and impact analyses as well as air quality regulatory compliance.

Applied Physics USA:: Provider of air sampling and monitoring devices and supplies.

Applied Research Institute:: Environmental research establishment in the West Bank.

Applied Biotechnology in Animal Production:: Topics include the impact of biotechnology techniques on animal growth, reproduction, health, and animal products. Published in "Food & Fertilizer Technology Center" magazine from Taiwan. (June, 1999)

Center for Applied Nursery Research:: Performs needs-driven research for the green industry in an operational nursery setting in Georgia. Overview of current projects and past results, staff, and event calendar.

Center for Applied Horticultural Research:: Non-profit organization in Vista, California, USA aiming to address, through research, the practical issues the nursery and floriculture industry face.

Advances in Applied Agricultural Sciences:: Published monthly, online, open-access and having double-blind peer reviewed, AAAS Journal is an emerging academic journal in the field of agricultural science which deals with all facets of the field of Agricultural Science. This journal motive and aim is to create awareness, re-shaping the knowledge already created and challenge the existing theories related to the field of Academic Research in any discipline in Agricultural Science. AAAS Journ

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