Dirt~n~Turf, Inc. Consulting

Dirt~n~Turf, Inc. Consulting Related

Green Dirt Farm:: A community-based farm located just north of Kansas City, Missouri. We are dedicated to producing the finest grass-fed lamb and sheep dairy products.

Dirt Maker Flow-Through Worm Bins:: Manufactures and sells flow-through worm bins for composting with worms. These composters can also be used for raising compost worms.

Turf-Ag:: Offering irrigation equipment and design services for both domestic and commercial clients.

Turf Diseases:: Photographs of grasses affected by a number of fungal diseases and information on fungicides from Bayer Environmental Science.

Turf Pests:: Photographs of several pests that may attack grassland and information on control products from Bayer Environmental Science.

Florida Turf:: Warm-season turfgrass knowledge base, including bermudagrass for golf courses, St. Augustine grass for home lawns, zoysia, and bahia.

Interactive Turf:: Weather data and pest management forecasts for turf managers involved in the highest value production systems, golf turf and sod farm operations in Illinois and northern Indiana. Sponsored by the Chicago District Golf Association.

Turf Weeds:: Photographs of weeds commonly found in grassland and information on control products from Bayer Environmental Science.

Earth & Turf:: Manufactures equipment for the turf, landscape and grounds maintenance industries.

Tru Turf:: Australia - designs and manufacturers greens rollers, totes/trailers and triplex spiker heads.

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