Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board

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California Fig Advisory Board:: Your resource for fig nutrition, recipes, industry, history and retail information.

California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB):: The CMAB was formed in 1969 to promote California dairy products in an ever-growing and competitive marketplace. It operates on the principle that a healthy dairy industry is just as important to consumers as it is to milk producers, and that the ready availability of California dairy products contributes to the good health and well-being of the state's population. The California Milk Advisory Board, an instrumentality of the California Departmen

Asparagus in tropical Australia:: From the Department of Primary Industries, Queensland, Australia, these notes cover the establishment, maintenance and harvest of commercially grown asparagus.

California Asparagus Commission:: Includes directory of shippers, marketing information, industry history, and recipes and nutrition details for consumers.

California Asparagus Seed and Transplants, Inc.:: Produces asparagus and hybrid seed.

Cutter Asparagus Seed Company:: Specializing in hybrid asparagus seed production.

Asparagus Production Management and Marketing Bulletin - Ohio State University:: A guide to producing asparagus. Includes site selection, varieties, planting, pest control, harvesting and a look at costs and returns.

Farm Advisory Services Team Ltd:: Technical services to the grower including regular crop monitoring, pest and disease control strategies, crop management, nutritional advice, analytical services for soil leaf and fruit, crop planning and training. UK.

Sugar Research Advisory Service:: New Zealand based informational service which encourages the use and enjoyment of sugar as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Hazardous Materials Advisory Council:: Promoting the responsible handling of hazardous materials.

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Asparagus Production Management and Marketing Bulletin - Ohio State University