Integrated Pest Management - University of Connecticut Related

Michigan State University: Integrated Pest Management:: Provides information to help growers use IPM to identify and manage insects and diseases common in the state.

University of Maryland: Integrated Pest Management for Commercial Horticulture:: Publishes weekly alerts, articles and factsheets, and details of training opportunities for professional horticulturists.

Center for Integrated Pest Management:: Information from CIPM and about the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for IPM, sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Georgia Integrated Pest Management:: Extensive information on pests found in Georgia and IPM for apiculture, livestock and poultry, and field and horticultural crops (including canola, cotton, tobacco, pecans, soybeans, peanuts, and grains).

Integrated Pest Management Programs:: Covers greenhouse and floriculture, fruit, nursery and vegetable cultivation, and also provides information on the New Jersey Integrated Pest Management program for schools.

Integrated Cassava Project: Pest Management:: Photographs of affected plants and information on cassava brown streak virus disease, cassava green mite and the mosaic virus, and also pest and weed control in this crop.

Integrated Pest Management for Greenhouse Crops:: This publication covers IPM for greenhouse crops, both vegetable and ornamental. Monitoring, sanitation, biological controls, biorational pesticides, insect growth regulators and disease control methods are discussed.

Integrated Pest Management for House Plants:: Contain information about common insects and mites attacking ornamental plants. Includes photos. By the University of Florida.

Integrated Pest and Disease Management for Australian Summerfruit:: This downloadable manual provides information on the practical options available for controlling pests and diseases in orchards.

University of California Pest Management Guidelines: Turfgrass:: Articles and photos of weeds, diseases, insects, mites, and nematodes. Statewide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Project.

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