Scorzonera hispanica: A European Vegetable

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Veritable Vegetable:: Provides company information and history, mission statement, and job opportunities. Based in San Francisco, California.

The Vegetable Cart:: Breeder of purebred Katahdin Hair Sheep. Also, fresh produce and hand-made soap for sale. Located in Elgin, TX, USA.

Yam (vegetable):: Yam is the common name for some species in the genus Dioscorea (family Dioscoreaceae). These are perennial herbaceous vines cultivated for the consumption of their starchy tubers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. There are many cultivars of yam.

Vegetable Delight:: We are pleased to offer the following section of natural food choices. Each dish is prepared from the highest quality of vegetables, gluten, tofu, fungus, konnyaku, mushrooms, nuts and made entirely without the use of meat, poultry or fish. We invite you to visit us, sit back and enjoy the delicious food and friendly service. All items are natural food and freshly handmade by our chef.

Greenhouse Vegetable Information:: Articles and forums on crop management, disease control, nutrient film technique, and media systems like soilless culture.

BBS Oils-Vegetable Ltd.:: UK exporter of crude and refined non-GMO vegetable oils and fats for the wholesale, retail, and manufacturing sectors.

Liberty Vegetable Oil:: Processing, sales, distribution of nut oils including almond, walnut, hazelnut, pecan, plus other organic and non-GMO vegetable oils. Custom processing available. California company with global distribution.

Grilled Vegetable Recipe:: Grilled Vegetable Recipe offers a wide selection of grilled vegetables recipe and is part of the Recipe Publishing Network a group of family run websites dedicated to many different specialty recipe taste. We cover many different recipe types from grilled vegetables to fish, soups and salads. Grilled Vegetable Recipe brings you the flavors of an old fashioned BBQ cookout with the modern flare of doing barbecue to your vegetables. Barbeque recipes

Organic Vegetable Gardening:: Orgainic Vegetable Gardening – Tips and Advice. My name is Jane, I have been growing my own organic vegetables for many years now and my goal is to get as many people to do the same as I can. The best thing about organic vegetable gardening isn't the money that you will save on grocery bills (although that is nice), for me the best thing is the satisfaction that you get when you are eating your very own beautiful vegetables.

Patterson Vegetable Company:: At Patterson Vegetable Company our priority is freshness and quality. Our freshness starts with location: Patterson Vegetable Company is located in the heart of California’s fertile central valley. This valley is one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions, producing 8% of the nation’s agricultural output on only 1% of the farmland. This 500-mile long Central Valley grows bountiful crops from apricots, almonds and broccoli to

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