Teagasc: Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority Related

Chilika Development Authority:: Provides the agency's mission and information about the ecology, geology, biological diversity and current studies of the lagoon.

Halal Food Authority:: Halal Food Authority is a voluntary organisation. It was launched in 1994 to monitor and regulate red meat and poultry in UK. The HFA introduced a unique system of identifying halal meat from non-halal, by putting marking or tagging for authenticity of halal on the carcasses, soon after slaughter at the slaughterhouses.

Organic Agriculture and Rural Development:: Organic Agriculture and Rural Development (Organic Foundation) is a commercially organized and established in 2009 and registered under section 25 of the companies act 1956. Our mission is to promote Organic Agriculture and Trade related to Organic process by disseminating information and knowledge concerning Organic Agriculture. Our company's motto is to establish training and demonstration and research centers to advance rural development and

Integrated Assessment of Agriculture and Sustainable Development (AgSAP):: Conference aiming to discuss scientific approaches to assess agricultural systems in the context of sustainable development and propose an agenda for future research in this domain. 10-12 March, 2009 in the Netherlands.

Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP):: The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme, CAADP is about bringing together diverse key players - at the continental, regional and national levels - to improve co-ordination, to share knowledge, successes and failures, to encourage one another, and to promote joint and separate efforts to achieve the CAADP goals. CAADP aims to help African countries reach a higher path of economic growth through agriculture-led development. CA

IIED: Food and Agriculture:: The International Institute for Environment and Development is a research organization aiming to develop more effective and equitable forms of agriculture and natural resource management.

Agriculture & Food Security:: Agriculture & Food Security is a peer-reviewed open access journal that addresses the challenge of global food security. It publishes articles within the field of food security research, with a particular focus on research that may inform more sustainable agriculture and food systems that better address local, regional, national and/or global food and nutritional insecurity. The journal considers cutting-edge contributions across the breadth of r

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Government of Canada department responsible for information, research, technology, policies and programs for security of the food system, health of the environment and innovation for growth.

Intute: Agriculture, Food and Forestry:: Evaluated web resources aimed at students, researchers, academics and practitioners.

Purdue Agriculture Food Science:: The Department of Food Science was formed in 1983 from the already-existing Food Sciences Institute. The Purdue University College of Agriculture serves Indiana and the nation through teaching, Extension, research and International Programs. Departments in the college include Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Biochemistry, Botany and Plant Pathology, Entomology, Food Science, Forestry and

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