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Vine Graft:: Specialists in grafting grapevines including nursery stocks, field rootlings, reworking recently established vines and mature vines.

Table and Vine:: New England, US wine and spirit merchant with a large selection. Also offers beers, cheeses and gourmet grocery items.

4th and Vine:: Custom labels and labeling equipment for home breweries. Download software, find retailers.

Vine to Wine Guide:: Downloadable course providing information on growing grape vines and making wine.

Vine Maple Farm:: Emu breeder in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.

The International Office of Wine and Vine:: The OIV is an intergovernmental organization concerning itself with the scientific and technical aspects of viticulture, oenology and the vitivinicultural economy. News, the text of its resolutions and a member list.

Vine to Wine to Market Limited:: Providing viticulture, winemaking and wine business advice. Auckland, New Zealand.

Pea Vine Production and Marketing Study:: Research project studying various varieties of peas to evaluate the use of the leaves and shoots for human consumption.

Anthracnose of Tomato:: Factsheet with photographs and information on this condition, including the symptoms, causal organism and control.

Tomato Sauce:: Tomato Sauce is a kind of condiment served along with the food to enhance its taste and flavor. Because of rich flavor and tempting sweet & sour aroma, tomato sauce has become a popular accompaniment for most of the dishes, especially pastas, cooked in households. It is semi-liquid in content and tempered with salt. Sometimes, few drops of olive oil are also added in its seasoning. Tomato Sauce is an all-time kid’s favorite. Grown-ups also cann

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