Northwest Berry & Grape Information Net

Northwest Berry & Grape Information Net Related

Hop & Grape:: Offer supplies for wine and beer making. Based in the UK.

Arkansas Berry & Plant Farm:: Specializes in grapevines, berry plants and fruit trees.

WSU Tree Fruit & Grape Guidelines:: Washington State University; guidelines for crop protection for fruit, including recommendations., African Soil Information Service:: A new digital soil map of Africa. Project leaded by the CIAT/CGIAR and financed by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa.

Berry Berry Good Jams:: Jams and jellies made with locally grown fruits from the Rogue Valley of Oregon.

Northwest Dryer & Machinery Co.:: Provider of replacement parts for all types of industrial veneer, gypsum and fiberboard dryers.

C&P Press Reference information about agricultural chemicals used in crop production.

Delta Net & Twine Co.:: Manufactures nets and fish farming equipment. Greenville, Mississippi.

Dam-Reservoir Impact & Information Archive: DRIIA:: Information on dams, water diversions, impoundments, and hydroelectric projects, their impacts, and related links.

Berry Symposium:: Conference to promote science-based discussion on how to grow high quality, extended season berries for marginal environments. August 22-27, 2010 at the Lisbon Congress Centre, Portugal.

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