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ABS Food:: Profiling a Company already renowned in the specialised field of Dehydrated Foodstuffs and now reaching new heights for its corporate commitment to overseas customers. we are manufacturer of dehydrated white onion products in india including dehydrated onion powder, flakes, minced, chopped, granules etc.

ABS-CBN Foundation:: Runs Bantay Bata 163, rehabilitating children in crisis program, and Bantay Kalikasan, an environmental project.

American Bamboo Society (ABS):: American Bamboo Society, Promoting the Beauty and Utility of Bamboo... Your only source for all things Bamboo, Bamboo Societies, Bamboo Growers and Bamboo Products. The ABS was formed in 1979 and today we have over 700 members living throughout the U.S. and in 37 other countries. The ABS issues a bimonthly Magazine and the Journal to disseminate information about the use, care, propagation and beauty of bamboo. The American Bamboo Society Chapter

Global Worming:: Suppliers of earthworms, worm farms, Bokashi kitchen composters and organic fertilizer. Also offers educational workshops on vermiculture and composting. Based in South Africa but prepared to supply worms worldwide.

BMC Global:: Selling French champagne and French wine, by the case, or by the single bottle. Also has Belgian chocolates, London honey, and other food products.

Global Appellations, Inc.:: Offering personalized wedding wine bottles, including custom labels and etching.

Global Wines:: Selected wines from Italy, France, and California plus related accessories and books. Worldwide delivery.

Global Chocolates:: A wide variety of Lindt bars, truffles, and gift boxes or baskets.

Global Palate:: Offers spices and spice blends for use in ethnic recipes.

WIF Global:: Imported sauces, spices, and tonics.

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