Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society

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Murray Grey Beef Cattle in the UK:: Contact information, news, including shows and upcoming events, club listing and links.

Murray Grey Society:: Australian society for Murray Grey Cattle (NSW). Breed information.

Murray Grey Youth:: The Murray Grey Youth Program is open to all young (25 years and under) cattle enthusiasts. The program provides members with education on beef cattle in an environment of fun and creativity. Murray Grey Youth also provides annual overseas study scholarships to selected members. (Australia)

American Murray Grey Association:: Information about the Australian breed and its beef production.

Northwest Murray Grey Association:: The NWMGA has established two primary goals: first, raising consistent, uniform, quality Murray Grey beef cattle and, second, an ongoing promotional effort to educate the cattle industry regarding this excellent product.

Ohio Regional Murray Grey Association:: Show and trial results, activities, members list, news, links and Murray Grey cattle for sale.

Beaver Creek Murray Grey Farm:: We direct market chemical free beef and also top quality breeding stock for other producers. Located in Southwest Oklahoma.

Handling Beef Cattle:: Provides a review of current procedures in cattle handling with some recommendations for the design of permanent and mobile handling facilities. [PDF]

Pneumonia in Beef Cattle:: Calf pneumonia is a significant source of financial loss in beef production. This technical note gives guidance on prevention and treatment. [PDF]

Breeds of Beef Cattle:: Cattle are considered to have been one of the first animals domesticated by man for agricultural purposes. They were tamed to provide milk, meat and hides and for draft purposes. The exact time and place this happened is hidden in the mists of antiquity, but it is thought they were probably first domesticated in Europe and Asia about 8500 years ago. Domesticated cattle are in the family Bovidae which includes ruminates with paired, hollow, unb

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