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A Hill of Beans:: Whole bean or ground coffee, straight or flavored roast, including Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain. Capresso brand grinders.

Hill of Beans Coffee:: Provides a selection of gourmet coffees and teas, funnel cake mixes, espresso machines, and gift baskets.

Dean's Beans:: Roasts certified organic and kosher coffee beans.

Barb's Beans:: Shade-grown 100% Arabica coffee beans, custom roasted. Organic shade grown coffee beans are available.

Randall Beans:: Fully cooked beans, packaged in glass containers. Recipes for Great Northern, Pinto and mixed beans, vegetarian recipes for soups, salads and dips. Includes retailers and contact information.

Harvesting Coffee Beans:: Information on coffee harvesting with details of mechanical harvesting, stripping, and picking coffee beans.

Diseases of Beans and Drybeans:: Photographs and information on various diseases which may affect this crop, the life cycle of the causal agents, the symptoms and plant health management.

Diseases of Field Beans:: An identification guide to various diseases that may attack this crop, with photographs and suggested management strategies.

Beans: Dry and Snap:: Information on growing these crops including recommended varieties, planting methods, fertility, harvesting and information on pests and their control.

Crop Profile for Beans:: Production information on beans grown in Oregon, and information on cultural practices, insect pests, diseases, nematodes and weeds and how to control them. [PDF]

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