Poultry Science Association (PSA)

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World's Poultry Science Association (WPSA) UK Branch:: Emphasis on vocational training and education in poultry husbandry and poultry science in addition to objectives of parent Association, the WPSA.

Pacific Seed Association (PSA):: The Pacific Seed Association is a "not for profit" organization founded with the objective of improving and perfecting a standard of business integrity for the Seed Trade. The Association's active membership consists of seed growers and dealers having established branches or agents doing business in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, The Canadian Provinces of Alberta and British Col

Poultry Science:: Poultry Science is an international journal publishing original papers, research notes, symposium papers, and reviews of basic science as applied to poultry. This authoritative source of poultry information is consistently ranked by ISI Impact Factor as one of the top 10 agriculture, dairy and animal science journals to deliver high-caliber research at low cost to libraries. Subject areas include breeding, genetics, education, production, managem

British Poultry Science:: An electronic and print international journal for poultry scientists and advisers.

Department of Poultry Science:: The Department of Poultry Science at Mississippi State University is one of six poultry science degree granting departments remaining in the United States. Our research programs and teaching curriculum mirror current industry practices. As such, we have a large percentage of graduates that work in the industry and allied industry (62% as a current average). However, all seniors have opportunities for employment in the poultry industry. The depart

Department of Poultry Science:: Texas A&M University Poultry Science Department web site. We are a comprehensive poultry science program with academic, research, and service components spanning the full range from modern poultry management to the most cutting-edge biotechnology. Our on-line education program offers full Masters degree curriculum or individual courses for either credit or continuing education certification.

TAMU Poultry Science: Publications:: Provides a large number of factsheets on poultry products, poultry production and management, and avian flu.

Department of Poultry Science at University of Georgia:: The Department of Poultry Science provides outstanding educational experiences for students and service to poultry producers, poultry related businesses and the general public through the discovery, verification and dissemination of relevant, science-based knowledge.

American Poultry Association:: Promotes the breeding and showing of standard-bred poultry.

U.S. Poultry and Egg Association:: Dedicated to the growth, progress, and welfare of the poultry industry and all of its individual and corporate interests. Represents producers of eggs, turkeys, and broilers, the processors of these products and allied companies serving the industry.

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