American Finnsheep Breeder's Association

American Finnsheep Breeder's Association Related

Canadian Finnsheep Breeders Association:: Includes information about Finnsheep and a members/breeders list.

Jacob Sheep Breeder's Association:: Registry for Jacob sheep in America

Rabbits Breeder and Donkey Breeder:: We have three types of Rabbits up for adoption, these are Show Rabbits/ Pet animals not Meat Rabbits. We have English Lops, Netherlands Dwarf, and Mini-Rexs. We are also a Breeder of Donkeys.

Mid Coast Santa Gertrudis Cattle Breeder's Association:: Member and ranch directories, breed information, frame score charts, and cattle for sale.

Mid Coast Santa Gertrudis Cattle Breeder's Association (Texas):: Santa Gertrudis member and ranch directories, breed history, breed standards, gestation chart, frame score charts, and cattle for sale. Top Quality Cattle are available through our Organization. Includes breed news and links.

GippFinn Finnsheep:: Breeders of Finnish Landrace sheep in Morwell, Victoria, Australia.

Triple L Finnsheep:: This farm specializes in Finnsheep or Finnish Landrace. Has the distinction of the second set of septuplets lambs recorded in the USA. Located in West Richland, Washington, USA.

Trimbur Field Finnsheep:: Breeder of Finnish Landrace sheep in rare colors and white, offering stock for sale and information about the breed. Located in Alburtis, Pennsylvania.

Sporthorse Breeder:: Frozen semen links and resources for horse owners.

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