National Sheep Association (NSA)

National Sheep Association (NSA) Related

NSA Welsh Sheep:: A biennial event held in Wales UK to promote the British sheep industry for both wool and meat production.

National Sheep Association:: Represents the sheep industry in the U.K.

National Lincoln Sheep Breeders Association:: National association for Lincoln Longwool Sheep. Includes breed standard.

Zwartbles Sheep Association:: Based in Warwickshire, UK, and providing the breed standard, photographs, events calendar and newsletter.

Manitoba Sheep Association:: Providing information related to industry initiative, coming events, sheep reference manual, sheep shearers, wool depots, constitution, history, board of directors, and membership.

Australian Corriedale Sheep Association:: Member information, newsletter, breed characteristics, and links.

Canadian Katahdin Sheep Association:: Offers breed standards and information, constitution, and membership application.

Navajo-Churro Sheep Association:: Preserves and promotes this unique, truely American breed of sheep.

Corriedale Sheep Association of Australia:: Australian member list, newsletter, and links.

Alberta Sheep Breeders' Association:: A member-based organization for purebred sheep breeders in the province of Alberta, Canada.

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