Cornerstone Farm Ventures Inc.

Cornerstone Farm Ventures Inc. Related

Cornerstone Cookie Co.:: Offering a variety of brownies, cookies, and nuts. Includes themed gift boxes and party favors.

Cornerstone Ranch:: Featuring classified ads for horses, trailers, trucks or ranch property.

Cornerstone Educational Services, Inc.:: Provides accounting solutions and software for profitable farms.

Cornerstone Club Lambs:: Breeders raising registered Southdown sheep, crossbred club lambs, and registered Suffolks in Virginia.

Densu Ventures Inc.:: Hydroponics, Coir Pith (Coco Peat) in ready to use format. Densu Ventures produces Densu Coir from the husk of coconut. This is not a waste product of the coconut industry. Coir comes in ready to use bulk bags or 3.8 Cu. Ft. Compressed bales.

Promatec Food Ventures:: Distributor for Lutetia SA France and Peter Stette AS Norway of food processing equipment.

Safeguard Ventures LLC.:: Sells the Centurion safety guard. A safety device that helps protect against chainsaw kickback.

Emergent Ventures India:: A global consulting and finance firm focusing on providing services to mitigate climate change.

Blackstone Global Ventures:: Carbon Fund and Carbon Pool manager, and Emissions Credits management company specializing in the origination of new carbon credits, using the Joint Implementation mechanism.

Blue Ventures Carbon Offset (BVCO):: A not-for-profit carbon offsetting programme helping communities by investing in carbon management projects with practical benefits.

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