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Nebraska Grain and Feed Association::

National Grain and Feed Association:: Nonprofit national trade association of companies that include grain elevators; merchandisers; feed and flour millers; corn and soybean processors; and related commercial businesses.

California Grain and Feed Association:: CGFA is a nonprofit agricultural trade association which serves the grain and feed industry. About CGFA, news and events, and publications.

Texas Grain and Feed Association:: About TGFA, membership and members services, trade rules and calendar of events.

Feed Hay First:: Discussion of when hay should be fed in relation to when the grain ration is fed and why the order is important.

Quick Feed:: Quick Feed Automatic Horse Feeders and Automatic Pet Feeders.

Walton Feed:: Major supplier of dehydrated foods and food storage.

Kreamer Feed:: Producing and marketing specialty agricultural products from their central Pennsylvania location. Formulated feeds for all kind of livestock. Company profile and product information.

Pillgrim's Feed:: Livestock nutrition specialists, developing a broad range of special formulas for dairy, beef and many other farm animals as well as pets.

Postive Feed, Inc.:: Site tells of the products and gives contact information. Distributor of Stalsan F, a hygiene product for all types of animal housing.

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