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WE International:: Specializes in waste management enzymes and cleaning products for livestock/poultry production, energy-efficient lights, reflective insulation, and grain handling equipment.

A.S.I. International, Inc.:: Suppliers of spice ingredients to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

99 International, Inc.:: Grower and distributor of 'lucky bamboo' Dracaena sanderana. Also offers money tree (Pachira aquatica), bonsai ficus, and anubia aquarium plants. North American company with production facilities in East Asia.

CA 17 International:: CA 17 International is a French company which provides consultancy services in the agricultural and rural sector internationally for private clients and public organisations.

New Ag International:: The World's Leading Publication on High Tech Agriculture. New Ag International covers on a quarterly basis, since February 2001, all news relating to the fast growing High Tech Agriculture Sector around the World, including : Supply, Distribution, Research, Services, Trade, Promotion/Marketing, End-use, Equipment. New Ag International’s primary but not exclusive focus is on irrigation, plant nutrition and greenhouse technology. It provides a

Landis International:: Research and development management company specializing in registration and re-registration of agricultural compounds.

Chemonics International Inc.:: Providing consulting and solutions for agribusiness, environmental and natural resources, private sector development, and law and governance.

IEC International:: Private research company specializing in international sustainable aquaculture and fisheries development.

Tomagro International B.V.:: Specializes in integrated pest management, natural pollination, flowers, and rootstocks.

Flavorhut International:: Offers customized feed and fat rendering products.

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